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Since childhood, Martin Pegler has had a passion for the history of the First World War which eventually led him to involvement in the uniquely moving experience of personally interviewing and recording many Great War veterans during the early 1980s. After some 35 years of visiting the battlefields of France and Flanders, he has amassed detailed knowledge of the terrain and the nature of the fighting that took place.


Martin Pegler is the country's foremost authority on military firearms and specialises in the subject of military sniping. His specialist professional hands-on knowledge of the development of military firearms, ammunition and ballistics, gained during 20 years as Senior Curator of Weapons at the Royal Armouries Museum, is unparalleled.


A prolific author, popular speaker and military historical advisor, Martin also makes regular appearances on the BBC TV's hugely popular Antiques Roadshow, as a militaria specialist, and this included his involvement with two special Great War programmes which were filmed on the Somme for the 2014 centenary.


The Pegler's now live in Combles on the Somme, where they offer bed and breakfast accommodation at their home, Orchard Farm, (www.orchardfarmsomme.com). Combles was one of the last villages to fall to the Allies in mid-September 1916, and their back garden looks out over former German lines. They readily share their expertise and knowledge with their guests on the subject of the Great War 1914-1918.


Martin is available to discuss your requirements should you need expertise on firearms, a guest lecturer on a range of subjects (see list), assistance with museum design and display or advice with regards to any filming projects related to his areas of specialist knowledge. Please contact him for an initial discussion by telephone or email.


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